The History of Unity Churches

Dear Rev. Jamison,

Unity headquarters seems to be a publishing ministry and a school rather than the head of a church. Are Unity churches sort of an after thought?

Unity was founded in 1889 as a tract ministry. It was known as the Unity Tract Society. Eventually a correspondence school was created. Graduates of the correspondence school wanted to have Unity centers in their communities. Unity study groups were established in grass roots fashion, organized by Unity students. Those groups grew to the point where they could support a spiritual leader. After World War Two, with the G.I. Bill available to pay for education, creating a ministerial school was not only feasible but in demand. Unity centers evolved naturally that way, and were thought of as centers of study rather than churches. Nevertheless, their Sunday program format evolved to look like a church order of service, and many put the word "church" in their name. The most common such name in the Unity movement is "Unity Church of Christianity,"

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