Demonstrating the Abundant Life

by Michael Jamison

Living a selfless life for others would make of you an Albert Schweitzer or a Mother Theresa, but think of where they did their work. Like picking stranded starfish from the broiling sand high up the beach and tossing them seaward, Albert and Theresa relieved misery for a token percentage of the millions of suffering people in Africa and India who could not care for themselves. You, by blessed contrast, do not live where starvation and disease are the norm.

This means that for you to do the most for others right where you are, selflessness is not the route to take. Instead, you can best help your part of the world by lifting yourself up to be all that you can be. By setting an example of joyous success, you demonstrate the level to which others can advance. Your happy way of being in the land of opportunity inspires others so to be. When people ask you for your secret to success, they confirm your success, and they underscore your calling. You have been called to articulate a helpful answer when people ask how they can replicate your success.

By effectively communicating the way to your success, you lift others from their misery by making it clear to them that if you could do it, they can do it. Not even Jesus did more than this. As we have now entered the month in which his birth is commemorated, let us offer the best birthday present by demonstrating the abundant life he said he came to teach.

(For help in living as if you were God’s gift to the world (which you are) you are invited to contact Rev. Michael Jamison at Unity Church of Christianity, 9126 SW Tenth Avenue, Topeka, KS 66615, 785-478-1333, to learn more about the Unity way of positive living.

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