Live As If

You are referring to the common Unity expression of "fake it until you make it," or as I like to state it, live as if the problem left. Live as if the problem left, faking it until you make it, and make it you will, but only if your faking it has to do with attitude, not unauthorized action.

Assuming the attitude of a millionaire, when you are about $999,000 short of that desirable designation, will open doors of opportunity to you that will otherwise remain closed. However, irresponsibly act as if that still missing $999,000 or more has been supplied and the door that opens to you is the entrance to bankruptcy court.

The practical metaphysician holds steady to a prosperity attitude while also taking right action to transform dream into reality, not reality into nightmare. A living nightmare will be your creation if you shop with credit cards as if you had a million dollars in the bank when the actual figure is missing six zeros.

Yes, Spirit will provide, but Spirit doesn't print money, counterfeit or real. What Spirit does is provide the attitudes of zeal, power, will, wisdom, imagination, life, love, strength, order, renunciation, faith and understanding. These basic twelve divine attribuates in you are necessary but not sufficient to accomplish any human task. You must provide the labor of transformation. You are not fooling anybody when you think and act in ways that are not made real by your personal effort.

The consequence of only pretending to work toward a goal is problem creation, This is not the result you intended, and you should be quite familiar by now with the trite expression describing where the road of good intentions leads. Be glad that there is no such place, but be wise enough also to know that we seem to create a hell on Earth when we think good intentions but lay back and expect Spirit to fulfill them. Spirit only supplies the ideas. You must apply the ideas in your life to generate prosperity. A new car could make you feel like a million bucks, but worthy as you already are of having that feeling, you are not deserving of that car, if you have done nothing to afford it. Right attitudes tell you that you are worthy; right actions tell you that you are deserving. Only when you genuinely know that you are both worthy and deserving is it in divine order for you to prosper. Do what it takes to be deserving and you arrive at your goal. Live as if the problem left and it goes, but only if you go to work, because you are not on the planet for a game of pretend.

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