Suspension of Disbelief
Be Who You Are

by Michael Jamison

Movies demonstrate conclusively the awesome power of the mind to created the experience of reality. It matters not how far-fetched the plot might be, because as long as the acting and the filming is good, we viewers will suspend our disbelief so we can be right there with the characters in the film, experiencing whatever befalls them. A movie lasts about two hours. There are stretches of longer time in your life when you are living out your suspension of disbelief while the movie of life plays through your consciousness. Only when what is going on becomes too far-fetched for the quality of your acting to keep up with do you snap out of it, like waking from a daydream, or in some cases, a nightmare. If it makes sense to you that your life is like an unreeling film, then contemplate how and where you are watching that movie. You are in a movie complex having multiple theatres. If you don’t like what you are experiencing on the screen of your mind, you can leave your seat, move down the hall, and select a different show in another auditorium. You can move from tragedy to comedy any time you like. All it takes is the presence of mind to remember that you bought the ticket. This means that you, the true you, as in soul, chose your setting long ago, and not just the theatre seating you currently occupy. You have the run of the entire movie complex. Sit where you want, and be who you are.

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