Choosing Your Reality

Some people live life by default. They experience their reality merely by allowing events, situations, and conditions to dictate their reactions, responses, and emotions- which in turn determine their reality for them. Essentially, they are pulled along through life by an ear. Defaulting in this way can be dangerous. It is far safer to claim rather than be claimed.

Claim your good by living like Pollyanna. Find good in everything like Pollyanna would, and you remain in charge of your life, making it as pleasant as you would like it. Claim your bad like Pollyesther would, and you also remain in charge of your life, making it as miserable as you would like it.

Both twin sisters are in charge of their lives, but lead very different lives, based on choices made. Unlike either of them, if you default to whichever way the world pulls you by your ear, then you get the luck of the draw, besides a stretched out ear. Just as a Pollyanna personality always finds something to praise, a fault fmder of a Pollyesther personality always finds something to condemn, proving that reality is only that which we choose to perceive.

Choose to see goodness, and goodness is seen in even the worst situations. Choose to see badness, and badness is seen even in the best situations.

Fault finders are such super sleuths that they always come up with the evidence they are seeking. Finders of blessings can be just as astute detectives. The difference is simply a matter of focus, and we each have our hand on the focusing knob.

Like a geologist, we can be a fault finder; or, like a biologist, we can find what we want to see on the microscope slide by adjusting the focus. Tweak the focus. knob just a bit, and some things blur and disap- pear while other thngs come into our field of vision with brilliant clairty. Just because we throw some things out of focus does not mean we are burying our heads in the sand and denying reality. We know what is on the microscope slide, and we know which part of it we want to experience as our reality.

By living the Unity way of life, Pollyannas adjust our view to comply with the highest and best. We have enough self- respect and a realistic enough sense of worth not to take the bad with the good.

Pollyesther does the reverse; she does not take the good with the bad. She gathers thorns while her sister gathers roses. Coming from the same gene pool affects neither sister as much as do their attitudes.

So it is with each and every one of us. Pick your reality before another one gets assigned to you, because not to decide is to decide for default-and where else would faults be easier to find than in default? You are worthy of better, and living the Unity principles will equip you also to be deserving of better, but hey, it's entirely your free choice.

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