Divine Intervention And Divine Inspiration

Dear Rev. Jamison,

Does the Bible actually say, "God helps those who help themselves? If not, where did this saying come from?

Nowhere in the Bible will you fInd the phrase~ "God helps those who help themselves."

Nowhere in thick books of famous quotations will you find the phrase, "God helps those who help themselves." Nevertheless, it is a very common saying. Perhaps we must attribute it to that most prolific of all writers, Anonymous. Apparently, the phrase is part of oral, folkloric tradition, used as a motivational statement intended to get someone up and moving toward a goal. If it works, then good. However, it is stretching the truth a bit, because God is not an interventionist. There is no such thing as divine intervention.

There is no divine intervention, but there is divine inspiration. There is no divine intervention because Spirit's intention is that we be independent. Spirit will not swoop in to save you from a tsunami, but Spirit will inspire you to jump onto the most helpful looking item of floating debris. You will not so jump, however, if you, in your panic, are not listening to spiritual guidance from within. Every person is continually receiving divine inspiration from within, but much of that divine inspiration is never processed into conscious awareness because people are not always paying attention to their inner guidance. By practicing a lifestyle of consistently remaining open and receptive to divine inspiration and acting on it, we help ourselves to the highest and the best, no intervention required.

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