Does God Really Exist?

Dear Rev. Jamison,

How can we prove that God exists? For that motter, how can we prove that even Jesus existed? It seems that there is more proof of Buddha's historic existence than of Jesus'

You are correct about there being more historic documentation for the existence of Siddhartha, who became known as the Buddha, than there is for Jesus, who became known as the Christ. We know with absolute certainty that Siddhartha Gautama, the philosopher of India who founded Buddhism, lived from about 563 to 483 B. C., but we assume that Yeshua bar Joseph (Jesus), upon whose presumed teachings Saul of Tarsus (Paul) founded Christianity, lived from about 4 B. C. to 30 A. D., that assumption based only on the gospel accounts collected into the library that eventually became known as the Bible. With no collaborative evidence of Jesus' existence outside of the Bible, it is hard to prove that he was an actual person instead of a made up character. Nevertheless, who cares? The essence of the message is what counts, not the person who delivered it. If Jesus never existed at all, the ministry attributed to him still teaches profound truths that transform lives for the better, just as Siddhartha's truths transform lives for the better, still to this day. Those truths Jesus taught are about Spirit (called "God" by those of western religious persuasions). You ask how we can prove that God exists, and my answer must be that we cannot. Philosophers have tried for eons to prove such an existence, which only shows that they do not know what they are researching. Spirit is concept, not critter. Concepts require no proof of their existence, because they just are. Newton did not prove the existence of the concept of gravity. Like any concept, gravity always was and will be. All that Newton did was describe his understanding of gravity's functioning, just as Jesus described his understanding of the functioning of Spirit. I prefer the Jesus understanding over Paul's understanding, which is why I am a Unity Christian rather than a traditional Christian. Dear Rev. Jamison,

Is there a Unity proof for the existence of God?

The flippant answer to this question is that Unity does not bother with things that are unnecessary. You want an answer of more substance than this, so I refer you to any dictionary.

The word "god" is in there. A word or a name is all that the letters g-o-d are. God is merely the western nickname for Spirit-as if Spirit needed a name. Unity deals directly with Spirit, not one of the many names for Spirit or words used in a futile attempt to describe Spirit. It would be like looking up the word "dictionary" in the dictionary. Who would ever do that? The word "dictionary" is the one word that is never looked up in the dictionary. Publishers of dictionaries could save valuable space by eliminating that word and its definition, because no one would ever notice it was missing! Anyone using a dictionary already knows its definition and has neither the need nor the interest in defining it further.

So it is with those who know and live their oneness with Spirit. They need no proof of Spirit's existence because they obviously need no proof of their own existence. They do not studiously look at their birth certificate to determine if they are real. They do not fervently turn the pages of the works of fiction called the Bible, the Talmud, the Koran, or the Bhagavad-Gita to determine if Spirit is real or not, nor do they examine the many philosophic arguments that have been formulated to prove the existence or nonexistence of God. The very fact that peoples of all cultures have applied various names and even pronouns to Spirit indicates that they have not a clue as to what Spirit is. Considering the nature of religious instruction on the matter, it is no wonder that so many people have concluded that there is no God, for there certainly is not a god that religions teach.

If you would know God, get to know your own spirituality. Don't look in the Bible for it. Don't look in a church for it. Don't look in a dictionary for it. Just look in a mirror.

Am I saying that humans are Spirit? Of course not; humans are temporary organic compositions of flesh, bone, and blood. Soul is what you are, not the bodily transport for soul that is easily reflected in mirrors. When you look in a mirror you see the "car" that soul rides around in when on the planet, but you are in that "car." The you that is in the car of body is soul, and soul is Spirit, extended from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. Get to know your real self and you will know Spirit, no proof necessary.

Dear Rev. Jamison,

What is the Unity position on life after death?

As stated, your question seems to put life and death in opposition with one another. Death is not the opposite of life. Birth is the opposite of death. Life has no opposite, because life is all there is. That should answer your question, but I have five more lines of space left on this page, so consider this question: What would be the purpose of soul incorporating within a physical being on planet Earth if, upon death of its vehicle called body, there was nothing more? Soul is not stupid. Being of Spirit, soul is omniscience. Soul knows there is no end, just as soul knows there is no beginning. The human brain seems to need the Big Bang theory as a beginning point, but soul does not, for soul knows there is no beginning because there is no ending.

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