Annual Sertoma Duck Race

As in years past, Unity Church of Christianity has joined other participating organizations in helping Sertoma Clubs of Topeka raise funds for Big Brother and Big Sisters as well as other worthy organizations such as Capper Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network, Marian Clinic, Meals on Wheels, etc. Each organization that helps Sertoma raise money in turn keeps half of everything it raises. So if Unity helps raise $10,000, the church will keep $5,000. Can’t beat a deal like that! It is a great fundraiser for everyone involved. 

The annual Sertoma Duck Race for 2017 is now up and running! To purchase ducks you may pick up certificates at church on Sunday or you may purchase online (see instructions below).

Encourage your members, family & friends to go to the site:, click on “Adopt by Team” in a blue box in the middle – all the teams show up on the page, scroll down to YOUR team.  Click on the photo or logo of your selected team.  The person adopting clicks on YOUR team photo or logo.  Click the blue box: “Adopt a Duck Now” – NO NEED TO CLICK ON ‘join my team’ – that is only for groups tracking sales by individual members.

**IMPORTANT** after you click on “Adopt a Duck” the Screen says:

1.     “Let’s Get Started”.  Click the “no” box regarding adoption             papers!!! (important!)

2.     Select your package of how many ducks to adopt.   Click                “Continue”

3.     Complete Name/address

4.     Enter Billing Info or click “same as contact info” if                           applicable

5.     Enter Payment Info

6.    Click the two boxes under the order details

7.    Click “Complete Adoption” blue box – and you are done!

On race day, family activities begin at 11 a.m. and the race starts at 3 p.m. Saturday, September 16 at Lake Shawnee.