What Is Ego's Relationship With Time?

Dear Rev. Jamison

You teach that there is no time in Spirit, that soul is a tendril of Spirit that animates our bodies, and that besides being soul and having a body, we also have an ego. Time seriously affects the body. Time has nothing to do with soul. What is ego's relationship with time?

The keen desire humans have to time travel shows how time-sensitive ego is. Soul, having always been and ever shall be, has no interest in time travel, for it has already been there and done that, both to the past and to the future. When you feel rushed, that is also ego, in an egotistical snit, complaining about time, or the lack thereof. I speculate that this concern ego has for time stems from ego's assumption that it is wed to body, meaning that when body goes, so does it. Ego panics, therefore, at the sickening sensation of time being lost or wasted, feeling that its days are just as numbered as body's days are. This explains why we rush into situations sometimes, without thinking things through before hand. Ego is in the driver's seat, and takes us places in a hurry when in one of its panic modes. Soul is happy to go along for the ride, for it enjoys the entertainment value of watching ego's antics, and has nothing to lose.

Egos which have made peace with time are more cooperative with soul regarding taking us where soul says to go. Realizing that there are only so many hours in a day, the ego liberated from the constraints of time lets soul guide the way. In other words, instinctual ego follows intuitive soul. When it is the other way around, with instinctual ego pulling intuitive soul here and there in a race against time, we have a physical life experience that is very wearing on body. Mental burnout or physical exhaustion can result. To avoid either, work to develop an ego at peace with soul's agenda.

Soul came into physicality to be outstanding, not standing out. There is an important difference between those two ways of being noticed in society. Both styles of being in the world are especially evident in sports, entertainment, and politics. Egos choosing not to work alongside soul at being outstanding go their separate route of standing out. Feeling that time is running short, those egos do outrageous things in order to get noticed.

The choice between standing out or being outstanding is made by us regular folks also. We will likely live out our selection in a much more subdued way than Lady Gaga or Beethoven, A-Rod or Hank Aaron, McCarthy or Kennedy, but make the choice we will, unless we choose to be average.

Maintaining an average existence is a third option, selected by an ego which has given up the quest for excellence. Such a choice makes for what would be called a normal life. By definition, there is nothing wrong with normalcy, but neither do we do anyone a favor by adding ourselves to that already very large population. I am of the opinion that soul did not enter physicality to be normal. On the spiritual side all is normal. Why leave spiritual normalcy just to experience physical normalcy? I think we souls came here to be outstanding. With ego's cooperation, we can be. The challenge is, it takes time to be outstanding, whereas it only takes a bit of creativity to be standing out, and ego prefers the less time consuming route.

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