The Journey is Endless, But Not Because The Route is Circular

The only time rockets or planes travel in reverse is when they are crashing. To get back to the starting point, an aircraft travels a circular route, as would a sailboat. Even motorized, wheeled machines that do have a reverse gear travel backwards only as long as it takes to be repositioned for going forward again. For example, the amount of reverse travel in which an automobile is driven usually trasnscribes a small arc, as when backing out of a driveway. Even that minimal amount of reverse travel would gladly be eliminated if it could be avoided.

So it is with the way we prefer to drive our personal lives. We dislike the notion of going two steps back for every three steps forward. If this seems to be the typical travel trajectory for you, envision yourself spiraling like a soaring eagle instead. Like any bird other than a humming bird, an eagle had no reverse flying capability.

The eagle could gain altitude by wing flapping, but there is an easier and smarter way up. Raptors soar best by seeking rising thermals and letting natural convection lift them to the heights. In so doing, their journey becomes a spiral pattern as they glide majestically across the sky. You can feel a similar majesty when you allow the upliftment of optimism to carrying you onward to your goals. The closest thing you have to a reverse gear when climbing the ladder of success is pessimism. It stalls you where you are. Linger there enough, and depression will reach up to pull you down.

It is far better to keep moving up, and it does not take much to rise. It is a bit like steering your car. Keeping your car aligned with the roadway does not take much movement of the steering wheel. Any course corrections made are minimal and virtually unnoticeable unless you are making a sharp turn. So it is with our personal lives as well.

Our steerage along life's journey is easy when our path crosses a barren plain. Holding to such a straight and level course is so easy as to be boring. It is when the road becomes winding that our best is brought out and developed further. For this reason alone you would do well to welcome challenges. Anything that requires you to hone your skills and sharpen your abilities is a good thing, even if it is also, temporarily, a stressful thing. It is stress applied to the rack and pinion gears of the steering box that turns your car, but the stress is relieved the instant the turn is completed. If in your personal life you are experiencing ongoing stress, then you are fighting against the need to complete a major turn. This is why your frustration is described as you going in circles. This is why advisers in such a situation urge you to break out of a vicious circle. Leave the circular nest of comfort like a driver leaves a roundabout. You were not created to go in circles. Creator made you for the highway and the open sky.

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