Reaching Your Goal

by Michael Jamison

Several years ago, I heard it announced on the news that a man who had set an intention of eating a hamburger in every state of the United States of America had reached his goal. That this was considered newsworthy would strike many as funny, but it also shows how hungry everyone is for goal achievement.

If you feel starved for success, consider deeply what the hamburger man actually did. He purposefully set a goal that had measurable objectives and he consistently chronicled his progress toward that goal. I bet he even had a simple line drawing of the United States on which he marked and dated his fifty steps to success. As silly as his goal may seem to others, he was serious. He was on purpose. As a result, he was so successful as to be newsworthy.

A serial killer would probably be just as methodical as the hamburger man, and considered more newsworthy, but whether the intention is positive, negative, or benign, the keys to success are the same. Three things are needed: strategy, follow through, and a record of progress. Skip these three steps, and your results will be haphazard at best. Assertively plan, act, and chronicle, and you end up where you want to be, no doubt having it your way.

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