God’s Divine Plan For You

by Michael Jamison
With mathematical precision, music is made manifest in a relentlessly orderly way. Each beat sings out when it should, if the musical rendition is well practiced, and every note is struck on the right pitch. In a performance worthy of a standing ovation, either the music was perfectly memorized or the performers were able to keep the tempo and the key because they had the musical notations spread out before them. Although sheet music looks like hieroglyphics to the untrained eye, a printed piece of music gives the professional musician all the information needed to reproduce the music the composer heard.

Some people wish they had such complete, written instruction when it comes to finding out what God intends. Such people turn in desperation to the Bible, claiming it to be the word of God. Although it is true that some portions of that collection of 66 ancient scrolls can be described as inspired writing, all portions were written by men of long ago (no women authors were allowed). All the writers who got in were ignorant of such basic things that we take for granted as the roundness of the planet and the nature of its relationship to our nearest star, the sun. Are you willing to place your trust in primitives who thought mental illness was demon possession and considered women to be classifiable with cattle?

If you want to know the nature of God’s divine plan for you, don’t ask loin-clothed men as ancient as the Bronze Age and even earlier. Go within instead, and listen to God’s sweet melody of life as it perfectly is sung through you.

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