Intercession or Recrimation?

Two words, not noted to be the antonyms that they are, serve well as examples of positive and negative attitudes. The words are intercession and recrimination. Interrcession is an entreaty in favor of another. Recrimination is a retaliatory accusation against another. In other words, interrcession blesses and recrimination curses.

Do not think that the "others" blessed or cursed by your intercessions or recriminaations are always people. They can be other entities, such as the flora and fauna of our planet, including poison ivy and wood ticks, roses and humming birds. Or, the "others" blessed or cursed by your intercessions or recriminations can be places or things. All that is extant in the universe is fair game for targeting by your intercessions or your recriminations.

When your automobile is giving you trouble, do you bless it or do you curse it? The mechanical problem to be dealt with must be handled by getting the vehicle to a mechanic in any case, but can you see how your overall experience would be made better by intercession rather than by recrimination?

This understanding applies to your vehicle of body as well, which is transport for soul. Bless your body with intercessory thoughts when it becomes ill or injured and the healing is accelerated. Curse your body with recriminatory thoughts when it becomes temporarily damaged by accident or disease and the healing is hindered.

So it is with places as well as with things.

Hate your job or your community and those environments will not be nurturing. Love your workplace or your town and those locations will serve you well.

You are rather wizard-like in this way. By recriminating or by interceding, you cast either curses or charms. However, do not misperceive; your charms and curses do not transform the targets of your spells. The powerful energy of our attitudes dissipates as soon as it passes through us, because casting that energy causes it to be all used up in changing the caster. Cast charms and you become a charming person. Cast curses and you become a cur. Optimistic attitudes make of you a positive person. Pessimistic attitudes make of you a negative person. Choose wisely the path you would rather walk, then change your attitude to match it.

This sort of transfiguration is not at all difficult. On the contrary, transfiguration is so easy as to be dangerous, because we become the sort of spell we cast, regardless of where we point the wand. Finger wagging is wand waving. Project critical thoughts at anyone and the energy burst ricochets back, hitting you squarely on the mark, causing you to become what you project. Project recrimination, and you incriminate yourself. Project intercession, and your life becomes a perpetual recess of peace, love, andjoy. This is the Unity way!