The Law of Attraction Works

by Michael Jamison
When cave men first began teaching cave kids the basics, the main idea they taught was that you only get out of the hunt what you put into it. The understanding that you must give in order to get has been with us from prehistoric times, but still today many people mope about wondering why more stuff is not freely given to them. Before you smugly think to yourself how grateful you are to be not one of them, reflect first on the last time you were depressed. Reviewing the incident now from a distance enables you to see what the problem really was. We feel down because we feel unfairly treated. We are blue because we feel we should have been given more attention, more recognition, more money, more time, more influence, more love, more respect, more whatever. What don’t we get about this? We don’t realize that what we are not given is not received because we did not give what was required in order to get.

Even a seemingly inert magnet is continually doing something to attract metal to itself. The law of attraction works, and the stronger the magnetic field it generates, the greater its pull. That magnetic force field is called charisma in people who draw to themselves adoration and respect. You are one such individual, or you have the potential to be, because you, like all, have that attracting power within you already. If you judge that you are not drawing much good into your life, then send out more of your attracting power, realizing that you only get out of life what you put into life.

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