Long Life Spans Resemble Rivers


by Michael Jamison

Those who live long have life spans that resemble rivers. Birth is like the kicking forth of a hillside spring. The yammering of early childhood is like a babbling brook. Later childhood brings out a broader and deeper creek-like personality, which the teen years transform into a boisterous, cascading, whitewater river. In young adulthood the current of the river runs strong and deep. Some tumbles may be had as the water crashes against obstacles, but the river always makes a way around, over, or through.

Eventually, the river carves a wide valley of maturity in the senior years, after which may come meanders that sometime run back upon themselves nearly full circle. We might wonder in those meandering times why our life has to double back to learn lessons again, but learn those lessons we do, allowing us to flow onward, perhaps now being referred to as “Old Man River.”

We become more and more mellow, in anticipation of the approaching delta, where the waters of the mountain snow melt finally drop off the far edge of the delta to greet the waters of the sea. Then, the fresh and the salty blend to form brackish in a phase thought of as the river’s dying, but instead, the life stream becomes one with the ocean’s vast expanse.

Such is not the end of the journey, however. Eventually, far out at sea, a water molecule from the former river is pulled out of the mix and transported by cloud back to the highlands, there to be released in a rain drop that marches to the sea again in a never ending journey.


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