A Life Built on Logic

A life built on logic is safer lived secretly.

This is because logic is rejected by others when the answer logic gives is unwanted. If you are the messenger of logic, you are in danger of being killed, at least symbolically.

Just as in former times it was more practical for homosexuals to remain closeted, in these illogical times it is more practical for people of logic to keep a low profile. You will not make friends by pointing out to people the illogic of their ways, or of their religion. or of their politics

This is ironic, because being as formulaic and accurate as mathematics, the answer logic gives is always true and is the same for everyone, just as 2 + 2 = 4 is the same for everyone. However, we humans have the free will to deny the facts. We can insist that 2 + 2 = 5. That will create inaccuracies in our checkbook register, but if we badger enough people into believing that 2 + 2 = 5, then the banks will have to cover the error.

This is much like the illogical practice of changing the rules of grammar so as to accommodate the ungrammatical and make it acceptable because so many people are butchering the language. If I insist on speaking properly based on old rules, I am seen as an odd stuck-in-the-mud.

Logical people are seen in an even worse light. People of logic are generally despised. Perhaps this is because those opposed to logical thinking view logical thinkers as those who only say "nay," but logic only says "nay" to assumptions not supported by facts.

For this, people of logic are labeled closed minded. They are labeled this way only by the closed minded, just as the selfish label as selfish only those who will not do what they want them to do.

To avoid contention with illogical thinkers, people of logic logically keep their mouths shut, much as in pre-civil rights times, people of color did not speak to a racist unless spoken to. Those of you who have come through the color barrier or have come out of the gay closet might take offence that I even compare your struggles with today's battles over logic. It is only logical that you would.

Nevertheless, I contend that all major social upheavals are ultimately debates between the logical and the illogical. You can tell which faction is which because the illogical insist on having all believe them, regardless of the facts.

The logical, by contrast, present the facts and let them stand on their own merits, whether the opposition yields to logic or not. Rather than insist that all others become logical, the logical persist in remaining living examples of logic themselves, knowing that if others like what they see, they will eventually come around on their own.

It is tough living logical in an illogical society, but living a life based on truth is worth any disdain received. Discover the Unity way of life, and find out for yourself.

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