Prejudice Against Money

by Michael Jamison

Often seen are those bumper stickers declaring what the driver of the car would rather be doing, such as "I’d rather be golfing," or "I’d rather be fishing." Never will you see a bumper sticker which reads, "I’d rather be earning money," even though money is required if you are to indulge in the pleasure of whacking a little white ball or casting a treble-hook lure. This reluctance to advertise that we would rather be earning money tells me that society still has hang-ups regarding what some regard as filthy lucre.

The same people who brazenly declare that they would rather be playing than working are also quick to proclaim that money isn’t everything. What they do not want to admit is that it was money that bought them the leisure time to enjoy their sport. I think they would get all the more enjoyment out of what they love doing if they would be non-discriminatory regarding the cash it takes.

Everyone who has tried it loves experiencing weightlessness in orbit far above the planet. If space shuttles had a rear bumper, its sticker would read: "I’d rather be floating." To get to the point where one can so float takes lots of money—so much so that only two private citizens have been able to afford it. The truth is, we would all love to have such an expensive experience, and we will do what we love, but only to the furthest extent of our money. Therefore, bless your cash flow and praise your money. Declare it good, and more flows to you, both to have and to share.

(For help in overcoming any residual prejudice against money, you are invited to contact Rev. Michael Jamison at Unity Church of Christianity, 9126 SW Tenth Avenue, Topeka, KS 66615, 785-478-1333, to learn more about the Unity way of positive living. To listen to a different message, recorded fresh daily, call 785-478-1777.)

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