Non-Judgmental Nature of Spirit


by Michael Jamison

Primitives attributed judgment to an esoteric force they called by various names. This false attribution to what we might call Spirit was picked up by Judaism when it was invented, and was copied by Christianity and Islam when they were invented. Each generation of the three main religions has perpetuated the myth that Creator judges creation. Repeating an error for thousands of years does not make it correct. Repeating the false teaching that God judges is psychological abuse, and when it is taught to children, it is child abuse, but no social service agency dares or cares to do anything about it.

Very few religions teach the non-judgmental nature of Spirit. It is up to those of us in the “spiritual know” to correct the false notion that is foisted upon unsuspecting people in the name of the big three religions. There is something you can do when you detect a belief in divine judgment. When you hear others repeat the lie, you might say to them, “God doesn’t work that way.”

The misbeliever will, of course, defend the false belief, for anything illogical must be defended if it is to survive. Just smile and move on, for truth does not require defending. Your gentle nudge that way could get the mislead to think, adjust, and align with the truth. If not, at least you did the best that can be done to raise the spiritual consciousness of humanity.


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