You Own Nothing!

by Michael Jamison
You do not own a thing, despite what you might think. You only rent whatever you have. Not even the clothes on your back are rent-free, if you wash them. Doing laundry creates an expense, which means that you pay rent for your purchased clothes over and over again. Do you think your car is paid for? You pay rent for it regularly at the gas pump. Is your house paid off? Until and unless you sell it, you will always pay rent for it in the form of property taxes. Are your television and refrigerator no longer on the credit card bill? Their rent comes in the form of the monthly electric bill. There is not an item among all your possessions that is not continuing to cost you money to own.

Do not think that, if only you were richer, then this truth about renting versus owning would be easier to ignore. The rich pay higher rent than anyone. I reveal these facts to you not to depress you but to lift you up and save you from heartache. Striving for outright ownership of anything is delusional. As some Native Americans pointedly put it when asked by European aliens to accept payment for land, "might as well seek to buy the sky."

Rather than lust for pseudo ownership, put your passion into fully enjoying anything that you are ready now to use. Full enjoyment only comes when possessiveness goes. In fact, to gain a new lease on life, acknowledge that all you think you possess is actually only rented.

(For help in not renting to own but renting to enjoy on loan, you are invited to contact Rev. Michael Jamison at Unity Church of Christianity, 9126 SW Tenth Avenue, Topeka, KS 66615, 785-478-1333, to learn more about the Unity way of positive living.

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