The Path of Least Resistance Always Goes Downhill

A significant percentage of new businesses fail within their first year. More than 50% of marriages end in divorce. A huge percentage of books published do not become best sellers. Nevertheless, these percentages are of no value in assessing the value of a novel, a relationship, or an enterprise.

The book that is not selling is very likely just not being marketed aggressively. The relationship that is fading is very likely just not being worked on. The business that is going under is very likely doing so just because it is underfunded. The reason for the high percentages of failure is obvious. It takes less effort to do nothing than it does to grow, and in physicality there is the natural tendency to take the path of least resistance. Gullies do this, as they riddle a barren hillside with their wavy gashes. Their paths of least resistance erode the hillside away, even though the gullies are completely inactive between rains. The moral is that as inexpensive at taking the path of least resistance can be, it can also create high costs. The path of least resistance can create the bankruptcy of a potentially great business, the termination of a potentially great bond, and the out-of-print status of a potentially great book. The path of least resistance always goes downhill.

Although the tendency in physicality is to follow the pull of gravity, you are more spiritual than you are physical. You are not bound to the ground. Your natural tendency is to ascend. Take the uphill path and you are bound to rise.


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