Being On Purpose Liberates You

by Michael Jamison

Contemplate the way our nation’s founders stayed on purpose despite the rocket’s red glare and the bombs bursting in air, and know for yourself that the capacity to stay on purpose is the key to your freedom and liberty.

Those who are actually physically incarcerated know the value of staying on purpose. Staying on purpose is what keeps "lifers" sane and what keeps trapped miners alive until rescued. Those who survived concentration camp experiences and thrived to tell about it managed that feat of endurance because they had a sense of purpose.

Do not think that such a useful tool as a sense of purpose is handed out to some but not to others. All are born with that sense of purpose, but not all retain it. It can be beaten out of us as children, and we then have to find it again as adults. Much like checking your pockets for car keys, tomorrow will be a good day to feel about you for your sense of purpose—the most important key you have. Your key of being on purpose liberates you from any influence that would distract you from success. A blocking thought can inhibit you only if you allow it to inhabit you. Purposefully get yourself free of any such thought today so tomorrow you can truly celebrate your independence.

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