Achieving Your Goals

by Michael Jamison

Up until the beginning of the 1900s, the Missouri River flowed at an average speed of three miles per hour. Then, along came the Army Corps of Engineers, intent on improving the river for barge traffic by straightening out some of the most meandering curves. As a result of their proficient work, the amount of vertical drop from upstream to downstream naturally remained the same, but the distance the water needed to travel was shortened. Unable to avoid the laws of arithmetic, the Missouri River increased its speed from three miles per hour to nine. It had to.

You, too, in compliance with universal law, can reach your goals faster by eliminating meanders along your route. If you think it is the mark of politeness to allow others to pull you in every direction along your way, think again. You do the world a bigger favor by demonstrating directness. Cut through distractions like a river in flood cuts through fields.

You are not on this planet to entertain those who would divert you from your destination.

Arriving at your goal in the swiftest possible time does more to influence life enhancement in others than does stopping along the way to chat. A friendly wave while you flow on by says more than does stopping to commiserate how, for those who choose it to be, times are tough.

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