Real Change is a Change of Catagory, Not of Concept

All change is growth, including a change that we might mistakenly think of as decay. A compost pile grows even as it seems to reduce down in volume no matter how much more organic matter we add to it. As they age, the leaves, clippings, and kitchen scraps in the compost pile grow into a new category, namely, soil.

As you physically age, you grow by changing. We see this most dramatically from infancy to puberty, but we grow even beyond old age. There is no end to growth because there is no end to life. This means that at any age you can ask yourself, "What shall I be when I grow up?" Do not think of the senior years as being a time of decay. There is no decay, only change. Eliminate the word decay from your ever-growing vocabulary. Replace decay with change.

For example, tooth decay is really tooth change. That change might lead to tooth reconstruction or tooth removal, but those possibilities are changes, and minor changes at that, for the overall concept of dentition has not changed. Even if all your teeth are removed and replaced with dentures, the concept of having teeth to chew with is all that has been altered.

Real change is a change of category, not of concept, like changing compost into soil. As we move along through our particular physical life experiences, we change concepts much more frequently than we change categories.

Daily, we change clothes, and over the years we change cars, we change dwellings, we change jobs, and we change friends. We take such changes in stride and easily handle the stress of switching concepts because we are only changing the outer appearances. We change the concept, not the category.

The new car might not look like our former vehicle, but it still functions as the concept of automotive transport. A car is a car, a residence is a residence, a job is a job, and friends are friends. When we merely change concepts, nothing really has changed.

Real change comes when we change categories instead of concepts. Whatever the nature of your current wardrobe, if you change it so radically as to become a 24/7 nudist, you then will learn what stress really is!

Trade your Ford Mustang, Colt, or Pinto for a real horse to see how stressful transportation to and from work, church, or the store can be.

Swap your law practice for a medical practice, or vice versa, if you want on-the-job stress.

Stop associating with people and live exclusively with coconut crabs on an otherwise deserted island if you want to experience stressful relationships.

Changing jobs but maintaining your same career is nothing like changing careers. Changing cars is nothing like changing your horsepower by actually getting a horse.

Any problem is likely to be merely a change of concept, not of category. Give thanks for that, take a breath, and change .

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