The Divine Rhythm of Life

by Michael Jamison

The paper and ink record of a cardiogram shows a series of peaks and valleys. As the world turns, the gravitational pull of the moon causes tides to rhythmically rise and fall. It is normal for the life path of physical things to have ups and downs. The roller coaster pattern of it all troubles us only when we struggle against it.

Your life will have both joy and sadness in it, despite your best efforts to eliminate one of those emotions. Going with the flow means rising high and falling low as nonresistant as breathing. Fighting to always and only maintain a full lung capacity of air will turn you blue just a much as will struggling never to inhale. Pick up instead on the rhythmic beat of life, and you will be able to experience an exquisite sadness when in the valley and an ecstatic joy when on the peak.

Enter the dance of life this way, and it will not be long before you anticipate each coming dance move, which keeps you in control of your life. Envision the roller coaster ride, reflecting on how you are not responsible for the steady, labored climb up the hill, but you are entirely responsible for your feelings when the top is reached and when the bottom is attained. The aftermath of whatever happens in your life is entirely yours to do with what you will. Respond in proactive and positive ways, and you build for yourself a very good life.

(For help in aligning with the divine rhythm of life, you are invited to contact Rev. Michael Jamison at Unity Church of Christianity, 9126 SW Tenth Avenue, Topeka, KS 66615, 785-478-1333, to learn more about the Unity way of positive living. To listen to a different message, recorded fresh daily, call 785-478-1777.)

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