The Most Perishable of Feelings

by Michael Jamison
Satisfaction is among the most perishable of feelings. Satisfaction’s shelf life is so short that you don’t want to just put it away and forget about it, like an open package of cheese that gets lost far back in the refrigerator. Satisfaction needs to be savored immediately and in its entirety, because you never know when it could go bad. Ironically, satisfaction gone bad is the best motivator we humans have. If satisfaction was not perishable, we would be traveling about with ox carts to this day. Instead, we are constantly on the look out for ways to improve our living conditions to our satisfaction. Even a billionaire becomes dissatisfied with his or her net worth and does something about it. Consider your own situation. If you like what there is to consider, that is wonderful, but be aware that whatever gives you satisfaction is already starting to grow mold, just like that cheese lost way back in the refrigerator. Cut away the mold by eliminating what no longer works for you. Then, enjoy further satisfaction, never losing awareness of the fact that consuming what we have is the only way we have it. Assimilate it, and it becomes you. Merely possess it, and it becomes moldy.

(For help in getting the fun out of fungi before it gets green and fuzzy, you are invited to contact Rev. Michael Jamison at Unity Church of Christianity, 9126 SW Tenth Avenue, Topeka, KS 66615, 785-478-1333, to learn more about the Unity way of positive living. To listen to a different message, recorded fresh daily, call 785-478-1777.)

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