Enjoying Life's Limelight as a Three-In-One Entity

by Michael Jamison

One third of the three-in-one entity that you are requires no comforting, no guiding, no healing, and no prospering. That absolutely perfect portion of your trinity is, of course, soul.

Your other two-thirds of self, namely body and ego, are in regular need of pampering, strengthening, instructing, and soothing. You define your life "good" or "bad" based on the extent to which body and ego manage to get those four needs met.

For soul, however, all that goes on for body and ego is simply great entertainment.

Consider the composition of that word "entertainment." Soul "enters" the a-"tainment" of physicality like entering a theatre. Soul comes to the planet to watch a show in three acts: childhood, maturity, old age. During some shows, soul leaves the theatre early, but this does not mean the show was a flop or in any way failed to entertain. Soul leaving the theatre early almost always means that body did more than "break a leg," and the show simply could not go on. Whenever final curtain comes, soul never complains, for unlike body and ego, soul never has a bad experience. Remember this the next time you mistakenly think you are enacting a tragedy, or are the butt of a joke in some cosmic comedy, or are the pining lover in a sad romance. Just get on with the show.

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