The Soul Pool

No Ghouls, Ghosts, Demons, or Tricks. Just Treats

The dark ages were dark, psychologiclly. The human lifespan back then was brief and fairly miserable. Death was a common theme and focus, with symbolism in the form of skeletons and graves adorning what passed for artwork. It was as if everyday was the most sinister of Halloween parties.

To help get the uninformed masses a bit uplifted, well-meaning clergy emphasized the idea of a heaven awaiting them. The fantasy of playing a harp in the clouds forever gave some people relief from the worry that, after a hard life of deprivation and pain, death would mark the end of living of any kind.

We have grown intellectually since then, but I suspect there are plenty of folks who, although not duped into believing tales about an imaginary hell and therefore not in fear of losing their soul to a made up devil, are in fear of losing their soul to Spirit! They worry that they will not be able to fmd themselves again after being tossed back into the "soul pool" of the spiritual realm. They know they are soul, not body or ego, but they fear that when they withdraw back into Spirit upon death of body, they won't be distinguishable from all the other souls.

If this possibility has bothered you also, worry not! Soul, being an extension of Spirit, has no worries. What worries about disappearing is ego, and rightly so, because as it is with your money, you can't take ego with you. Like body, ego is merely a tool for soul's use while planetary. Soul uses the two tools of body and ego, then puts them away after working with them for a human lifetime. However, like a carpenter who uses a favorite handsaw every day, calluses form. Ego imprints itself on your soul like a callus. That callused memory trace of an ego does go with you to the other side, although ego does not. Consider the possibility that the memory trace of ego marks your soul like a bar code, making you readily findable by yourself and by others in your soul clique.

The callus of a former ego does not change your soul's identity, just flags it. If ever your soul should become bored with the unchanging perfection of the spiritual side and decide to scratch at the door like a cat to be let back into the physical side to play some more, that trace of an ego callus will still be there. Returning to the playing field once again, you will suit up in a new body and select a new ego. Then, in the new planetary experience, if soul chooses not to apply that former ego trace to everyday living, the previous ego's influence goes away, just like a callus goes away when a particular tool is no longer used.

Remember this especially if you irrationally fear karma or bodily death. It will make the passing on process less worrisome as you return to the "factory" to become "refurbished" for another chance at incarnation, should there be such a thing.

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