Where Are You On Your Path?

by Michael Jamison

Time does more than march on. Time revolves. Time is a function of revolving, based on the way our planet revolves upon its axis once every twenty-four hours. The hands on a clock face revolve, and wherever they happen to be positioned at any point determines where, relative to us, the planet is along its spin.

Nautical navigation uses the revolving nature of time and planet to say where on Earth we are. The starting point of Earth navigation is noon, Greenwich time, in England. The ship navigator has a clock set for Greenwich mean time. When the sun is directly over the ship, thereby indicating noon local time, the navigator notes the time showing on the Greenwich clock. That time tells the sailor where his noon-time ship is, relative to where Greenwich is, in terms of longitude. During any other daylight time, the angle of the sun relative to the ship can be measured using a sextant, and with local time prorated to account for Greenwich time, a computation can be made which tells the sailor his latitude.

What is my point regarding a lesson for us about life? Simply this: your life is in constant rotation. You are in a continuous revolution. At times, you may even think your life is revolting!

What determines if life is revolving or revolting is where you have placed your standard, or your Greenwich. If your point of focus is soul unfoldment, you will move along a path relative to it. If your point of focus is ego gratification, you will move along a path relative to it. Choose how you will navigate, knowing that either of the two journeys can be good, but they won’t be equally easy.

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