Unity Church of Topeka, Kansas

Unity of Topeka is a community of love and acceptance, dedicated to spiritual discovery.

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Getting to Know You

member profiles

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Unity Photos

Check out our photos page.

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Michael Jamison, Minister of Unity of Topeka

Michael Jamison has been minister of Unity of Topeka since

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Essays by Rev. Michael Jamison

These are a series of essays written by Reverand Michael Jamison which appear each month in Unity Update Newsletter

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About Unity of Topeka

All about Unity of Topeka.

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Unity Statements.

Unity Statement for the month, Mission Statement, Vision Statement

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Unity Update Newletter

Unity Update is the monthly newsletter published by Unity of Topeka.

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Church Location with Google Map

Find Unity Church of Christianity in Topeka

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Reality is a Choice

Reality is a choice, but not all people consciously choose it.

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Unity Update Newsletter

Unity Update is the monthly newsletter from Unity of Topeka.

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Non-Judgmental Nature of Spirit

Repeating the false teaching that God judges is psychological abuse, and when it is taught to children, it is child abuse, but no social service agency dares or cares to do anything about it.

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Real Change

All change is growth, including a change that we might think of as decay. Replace decay with change.

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Can soul leave body

Can soul leave body before body actually dies? Being an extension of Spirit, soul can do anything.

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