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9126 SW 10th Ave / PO Box 750658
Topeka, KS 66675-065 

(785) 478-1333
Email: unitytopeka@yahoo.com

UNITY CHURCH OF CHRISTIANITY, Topeka, is affiliated with Unity School of Christianity, publisher of Daily Word magazine, and is a member of The Association of Unity Churches.  

Prayer Support

For prayer support, call:

Silent Unity
(816) 969-2000

Iyour need is urgent, and you have no way to pay for a long-distance call, call toll-free:

Silent Unity

Moments of Inspiration 

Rev. Michael Jamison, former minister of Unity of Topeka, continues his Moments of Inspiration. You can listen to these two-minute uplifting essays night or day by calling:

(785) 478-1777

You can subscribe to receive different three-paragraph essays by emailing your request to be added to the distribution list to:



Accompanist         Michele Marie Flanagan
Administrator        Apollonia Jamison
Bookkeeper          Apollonia Jamison
Minister                [open]
Music Director       Apollonia Jamison
Nursery Nanny      [open]
Youth Education  
     Directors         [open]

Licensed Unity Teachers

Apollonia Jamison  

Key Volunteers

Archivist                             Maggie Kelley
Doorstep Coordinator           Dolores Manning
Doorstep Representative      [open]
Garden Angel                      Michael Melton
Greeting Director                 Susan Phagan
Hymnal Prep                       Roberta Fischer
Interfaith Board Member      Mary Snyder
Lending Library                   Kevin Webb
Proofreading                       Apollonia Jamison
Usher Coordinator               Gary McDonald
Webmaster                         Paul Porter

Board of Trustees

President               Gary McDonald     2020
Vice President        Chris Zwiener       2019
Treasurer               Roberta Fischer    2018
Trustee                  Sue Revell           2018
Trustee                  Paul Porter          2019
Trustee                  Deb Webb           2020
Alternate               Susan Phagan

Platform Assistants

1st Sunday                    Apollonia Jamison
2nd Sunday                   Roberta  Fischer
3rd Sunday                    Marciana Glassman
4th Sunday                    Lisa Taylor
5th Sunday                    Ed Carpenter
On-call Substitute           O.J. Coller

Youth Education Teacher - Candace Gritten 

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